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Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Geek 13 (#17)

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things that Prove JEN AND DAVIN are Total Geeks, you may already know some of these...

1. When Davin was moving the furniture around so that we could get the kitchen appliances in, he actually said, "I wish we had a bag of holding."

2. Tiernan's knickname is "Buki." You remember, right? When they re-released The Empire Strikes Back in theaters with the extra digitally remastered footage, there was that scene where Jabba the Hutt was talking to Han Solo in Huttese and he said, "Han, mi buki," which was subtitled as "Han, my boy." Surely you remember that!

3. Of course, you're all still saving up for when we renew our vows on the Enterprise, right?

4. When we were pregnant with the twins, we wouldn't tell the names we'd chosen until after they were born. Instead, when anyone asked we'd tell them we were planning to call them Mulder and Scully.

5. Part of our wedding involved a water-sharing ceremony we wrote based on sci-fi author Robert A. Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land, you grok?

6. We actually know what qagh is, although I could never cook it as we don't like to chase our food around before we eat it. We've been known to use the epithet "P'taq" and to accuse others of having "no honor." Also, we know the meaning of the phrase, "Shaka, when the walls fell."

7. The mere mention of "It's just a flesh wound" is bound to send us into fits of giggles, then wholesale quoting of vast parts of the movie.

8. We've actually spent a great deal of time discussing the Magic Bullet, the possibility of a shooter on the grassy knoll and the contents of the Zapruder film. We do think that we could have done without Kevin Costner droning "back and to the left" for 45 minutes, though.

9. Davin's a computer guy, and knows them inside and out. He's been using, programming and fixing them since screens were black and green and they had far less memory than today's cheapest cameras. While I have no real computer experience other than being a user, I can add to my own credentials that I attended several sci fi fan conventions, sometimes in costume, when I was younger and had money and time to burn.

10. We routinely discuss the finer points of zombie living.

11. Our children recognize the entire cast of several Star Trek series, but we found out recently they don't know the song "Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer." Priorities, man!

12. And, of course, the response to "I'll try" is always, "Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try." Isn't that how it is at your house?

13. I must end by saying that we come by this honestly. My dad is the one who got me into Heinlein and the Dune series. Davin's dad actually contacted TV stations when none in his area were running Doctor Who, and his mom made Babylon 5 required watching, so that we could discuss it at family gatherings. There really was no hope, was there?

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HEH!! That's soo funny! Man, am I glad to see that there are people out there who are just as geeky (or more geeky than) me.

Got my TT up!
The ones I understand... too funny. I love the name for the twins Mulder and Scully. Funny. And the best part was looking at your pictures while reading these. I usually don't look up while reading, but this time I did almost every single time.

My 13 are up!
Gotcha, Kimmy.

Froggie, I can't find yours! Will it come up later or something?
My 13 is up!
Yes..I too am guilty of quoting the SW series as well as many of the MP lines as well (bring out your dead...)...

Nice to know that there are other geeks out there as well...

Here's my thursday thirteen.
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Third try with this comment: I cannot follow everything but it is an interesting list, I love your header pictures. My TT is up! blogger has been playing games with me lately...
Oh, man! You guys are geeks. lol I can't wait until your kids are grown to see what things they say about you.

(What happened to your sidebar?)

My 13 are up! Thanks for linking me already!
Ok, you are a self admitted geek, is that bad. I am also, for different reasons. And doesn't everyone giggle and start doing Monty Python when they hear Merely a flesh wound.

And my Inquisition doll, it says
Get. The Comfy Chair

Linked from Shelli.
My tt are up
Thanks for including me already. I am not a sci-fi person at all - so I had to click on the links to figure out what most of it meant. The only one I knew was Mulder and Scully. Sad, isn't it? :-)
I love the response you had for people asking about the twins' names! Very funny.

Happy Thursday!

My 13 are up.

Ok. You made me laugh, very hard. LOL! Mine are up too!
I only have Monty in common with you guys, LOL! We use "it's just a flesh wound" a lot here! Mine are up
OMG, I didn't even have to go to your link to know what a "Bag of holding" was because I'm a gamer!!!! My husband introduced me to gaming and I am THE biggest gaming geek. We often will talk about what spells and magic items we would use in real life if they were available. LMAO.

I occasionally blog about our D&D game.

We also quote Stargate alot (My hubby LOVES Jack and Teal'c) and have jokingly said that we're going to name our first child "Frodo" from LOTR.

My 13 are up.
Ah yes, I think I am a geek too! I wanted to name my son Wesley after a STTNG character! Now I'm trying to decide when to introduce Star Wars to 4 too young?
Sounds like our house where we eat Plomeek soup and drink Klingon wine. I'm glad there are other people out there who are as geeky as I am.
Great list. I guess I'm a geek too, b/c I got most of your references!
I hear you on nearly all of them. Also, our personal email has the quote from YODA.

Daarmok and Gilaad at Tinagra!Sasuke at Tinagra,his arms open ;~D

Got my TT up too.
we sports freaks and when i was pregnant with my second, we told my in-laws we were going to name him koho cooper, both hockey equipment manufacturers. they were afraid cuz they were so sure we were serious. i'm doing the tt too.
That was a fun 13! Thanks for sharing.

My 13
We are Star Wars fans too and do some Yoda talking. I can relate to some of this, but we have never used Buki. I must use that on Taylor now.

I LOVE the Mulder & Scully thing. I'm sure people looked at you guys like... uh, you're kidding, right?

I think you guys are very cool, but then I'm a geeky nerd with a geeky, nerdy family, so take it however you choose.

My daughter's current movie obsession is "Serenity." It is a SciFi movie spin-off of a failed TV series. She LOVES this movie and has watched it probably ten times in the past two weeks.
Ha, do or do not, there is no try. Great Yoda wisdom. My T13 are up at Bloggin' Outloud, lgp
LOL you really should try and go to my friends radio show/chat GEEK OUT

Audition results are up
I guess if y'all're geeks, we're in the geek train with you. Is that so wrong?

My TT is up. Finally.
Oh! I always told my mom that I was going to name whatever child I was pregnant with "Chava" (from Fiddler on the Roof) with heavy emphasis on the gutteral at the beginning. She was always duly horrified. You'd think she'd have caught on after THREE children but she never did. I think we should make one of Keziah's names "Chava" just for nostalgic reasons.
Hey! I did Thurs. 13 this week...aren't you proud. (Did last week too and even mentioned you!)

Anyway, Must say, "It's just a flesh wound" is heard very commonly around here, as is "Do or do not, there is no try" (Said in our best Yoda voice).

But off the sci-fi nearly every meal SOMEONE says "With a nice side of chianti" and makes a Hannibal Lechter noise...

And people say Homeschooled kids aren't socialized!
I thought that I was a geek, but maybe I'm a nerd instead. I certainly don't have that much sci-fi knowledge!
But DH is an Engineer (the real kind, not the computer or train kind) and I'm a math major (with no degree). so that's nerdy, right?
I'm still considering my TT and if I'll do it this week.
I'm finally up! fefyfomanna: Thursday 13: Crazy Busy day!
Jen, you kill me!!! Love the references--most of them would be understood here, too!

That was BIZARRE. It was like, a completely foreign language. I just did not understand. And yet, every other day I come here I don't have that problem. Quite possibly, you and I have never once seen the same tv show or movie. What are the ODDS of that?!
(Yeah, still love your blog)
I loved the humor on your list. It's just sooo funny! :)

Happy weekend. :)
My husband says you're not geeky at all. In fact he thinks you are the coolest people he's ever heard of. I personally am in love with your family.

I have to admit that the Yoda quote is my signature on several forums. I also related with pretty much every other geekdom qualifier, as well.

But then again I never had a chance, either. My mother used to, as a special treat, let me stay up to watch Star Trek with her.

Did I mention that I love you guys?
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