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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Thursday Thirteen


Thirteen Things my kids like!

1. Godzilla

2. Superman

3. Halloween

4. Elvis

5. Dragons

6. Kitty Cats

7. The Rolling Stones' "Paint it Black"

8. Fudgsicles

9. Skeletons

10. Blues Clues

11. Dirty Jobs

12. Karate Classes

13. Farting and Watching "Monk"

Which ones do YOU like?

Oops, I almost forgot Star Trek!
And Invader Zim!

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The fudgesicles!!

My TT is up!
I love cats! And Blue's Clues! Cats + interesting. Haha.

Happy Thursday! :)
Happy children, enjoying happy activities.

Happy TT
Oh,my 18 yr-old son was just listening to "Paint it Black" last evening. I like the Stones a lot, specially because they are a wonder to any health-minded person... if you know what I mean, lol! Happy TT!
Homeschooling mom here..I like Star Trek, the next Generation.
we like #s 3, 6, & 11. And Good Eats. I can hear DD watching it now...or sleeping to it.
I like Kitty Cat :D
Mmmmmm... fudgesicles!!! UNTIL I read "Dirty Jobs". Nope. The two DO NOT belong together! ;)

Happy T13! Thanks for stopping by! (And for reading about Baylie! She had another operation Monday... she's having some complications... severe pain, chest pain, difficulty breathing, has to lie flat until at least Sunday because of problems during spinal surgery-shunt placement. Bless her heart! I thank you so much for thinking of her!!! I know there's nothing left for me, but I am fighting for little Baylie!!!!)
HAHA - I like #13! :P
LOL!!! "Farting and Watching Monk" Ok. now that's funny!
Yeah, like I can afford another house. he he

I didn't show you the office and you didn't see upstairs or downstairs...where I stashed all the crap from where you did see. AND it has totally been almost a year since you've been here...what's up with that?? You don't like to drive all the way to my house...wah! *giggling*
Who doesn't like Superman anyway??!!!

Happy Thursday!
Ah, fudgesicles...even at 5 am they sound good!

I do not like the "new" Blue's Clues...

My TT is up. Happy Thursday!
right there with your kids on Dirty Jobs! But I love it because I love him!

Happy TT! Great list.
My niece loves Blue's Clues! And I love Monk! Boo hoo, no more new ones till January.
Fudgesicles, Monk and Star Trek.

Happy TT!
I love Superman and much so that two Halloweens ago my son was Superman, I was Supergirl, and my hubby shaved his head to be Lex Luthor!
I like most of the things on this list. Godzilla, Superman, kitty cats, and fudgsicles I can not do without.
Whew, I was just about to say something nasty... then I saw #14.

I like 1, 2, 3, 6, 8, 9, 12, one half of #13 (I won't tell you which half ;-) and, of course, 14 (which I would put on the top).
Great T13! Just to clarify though - do they only fart when Monk is on?! :)

Have a wonderful day!!!
They like Paint it Black? Good grief!

I like Monk too...wish our library would get more of them.
#13-do they do those both at the same time?
I like several of those, too, but #6 most of all! Cats rule!

My TT is up, too:
I love Elvis and Monk myself.

My TT is up.
Who doesn't love Halloween? All that candy! Yum!
We LOVE Blue's Clues and Star Trek too! (I have to hide the fudgesicles.)
Thanks for sharing. My children is out of the nest, but I'm so happy I can share their music taste and interest with them. Stones is one of them and another is Jethro Tull. The Rolling Stones is in Bergen, Norway today and I am so said I can't see them together with my children.
Have a great end to your week:-)
Awwww, what a fun list! Happy Belated TT!
Great list! many of these would be on my list too!
I Like the Stones "Paint it black"
Is really good...I also enjoy "Wild Horses".
Have a Great Day!
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