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Thursday, October 19, 2006

I'm back!

Thanks for your patience, I had an overwhelming week and just couldn't deal with the blog on top of it!

The most important things we did last week were:

1) Davin and I were baptized and confirmed in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We'd been taking lessons with the missionaries for a few months, including talking to the LDS folks in our homeschool group, and really felt led to do this. We're very happy with our new church family and the changes in our lives.

2) We celebrated Tiernan's 5th Birthday. I've never had a baby turn 5 before! I've always had another kid before that could happen. It's pretty cool to be totally without the diaper bag and everything, though, so I think I can hang with this situation.

Did you guys see this?

U.S. casino magnate gives Picasso's dream the elbow

Wynn had just finalized a $139 million sale to another collector of his painting, called "Le Reve" (The Dream), when he poked a finger-sized hole in the artwork while showing it to friends at his Las Vegas office a couple of weeks ago.
Ugh. That just gave me a horrible sinking feeling, I think because it's very much something that would happen to me. I'm a complete klutz, and it only gets worse the more valuable something is! Luckily the children all fall under the "priceless" loophole and I've never dropped anyone, but anything of monetary value isn't safe around me...

Well, I'm off to check up on all my blog friends, and get ready for Anya's birthday this weekend (she's turning 11, where is the time going?)

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Welcome back! Congratulations! Happy Birthday! and OH MY!!

That Picasso thing is really sad. Can you imagine how he felt?
Check this one out: It's SO sad!
Welcome back! Congrats on your baptism into the LDS fold. (Sorry but that reminds me of Captain Kirk saying Spock had taken too much LDS... I'm such a geek.)

Enjoy your kids. They grow up way too fast.
Cube, we had the same thought! Geeks can't help it!

Sheri, that stank! I hope that was fake, because I don't even know what I'd say if that happened for real. Yikes!
Glad you are back, enjoy the kids and the birthdays. Time does pass too quickly and they are small for such a very short time. ENJOY!
Now that you're back, it's me outta commission! Congrats on the baptism! See ya this evening. :D
Good to see you back!

I always think of Spock and his LDS, too. Hehe.
congrats on the baptism, I'm also LDS.
Happy birthday to Anya and happy birthday to the "baby" both are big milestones!
Welcome back! You were very missed. And happy birthday to your young 'uns!

RYC: I've got that Gina Kolata book on the shelf to read next. Really horrifying stuff. I was thinking last night that this would be a good horror story.

We've had this discussion about Arthur: Why does he have no nose if he's an aardvark? I know he did in the early books, but what happened?

Teletubbies just melt my brain. I was grateful to have mimimal involvement with them.
Happy to have you back!!! And congrats on your baptism!
Congrats to you! On both counts! Being diaper-bagless is a wonderful feeling. And birthdays are fun!
Oh Jen! I'm stunned and excited! Welcome to the church; we're glad to have you. (My husband's a recent convert, too. Things get crazy from here. Let me know if you need anything.)

We're celebrating a 12th birthday this weekend at our house-- hooray!-- and can't wait until our baby is potty trained and more independent. Congratulations on everything!
Oh my gosh-- wow!! :) COngrat's on the baptism!! :) :) Wow. I had no clue-- and I admit I haven't visited very much since I'm been back teaching/school year.. Wow!
Hey Jen,
Hello Strangers, congratulations!
Now you're a member of the Latter Day Saints, can you gain free access to the geneaology side of things and ask why I can't find my ancestors!
See you in the Colonies!

That is soo cool. I knew we were "kindred" spirits. Our family is also LDS. Welcome and wow. I'm so happy and wish you so much joy with your decision. Wish you were in our ward.

The star trek Kirk reference..Bahhh!

And hey Scott, access to that site is free for anyone.

You can also access any of the paid sites(, rootsweb) from any Family History library in your area that is run by the church. You don't have to be a member or anything.
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