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Monday, January 29, 2007

Queen Maya!

Maya's presence is required today at a coronation ceremony! During this ceremony, a crown will be placed ever so carefully and expensively on the six year molar of Her Highness.

During the coronation, the new queen will be treated to the finest bottled airs and gases. Afterward, this former commoner has planned a trip to visit with another local member of royalty, where she and her entourage will partake of a meal consisting of the finest beef, potatoes and a frozen confection.

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I bow to the Queen and her royal tooth.
I don't think I can top Jamie's comment. LOL! I hope that all is right with the kingdom after the corrination and that there is much enjoyment of the festivities afterward.
That's an awfully good way to sell a visit to the dentist :-)

All hail Queen Maya.

BTW is she amused or not?
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