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Thursday, February 22, 2007


We found a home for the guinea pigs, and adopted two kitties instead. Kitties weren't my first choice, but it's not all about me (darn it!) and we know the kids aren't allergic to cats.

The kitties got very ill shortly after we brought them home. Thankfully, they're getting better, but they're requiring a ton of medication to do so. They both get an antiviral 2x a day. One gets an antibiotic at the same times, and the other gets eye drops for a herpes infection in her eye (people can't catch this kind.) That's 3x a day. So, we have these really neat kitties, and they're starting to HATE me. I sort of want to cry. At least it's nothing that will cause long term problems, and these are pretty common among cats who've been on the street or in a shelter.

And, we're carless. Davin had a minor accident in the snow a while back, and we've finally gotten everything co-ordinated to get it fixed. Of course, now that they're actually poking around in there, they're finding that there's more damage than we thought. So, they're having to go back to the adjuster and see if we can get the other stuff done, which is a bit tricky since we're very near the "totalled" level of damages.

I'm still trying to clean up a blow pen explosion in my kitchen from yesterday. Tiernan was using a blow pen with the little blow pen pump, and it was going OK until the marker exploded. Now there's blue droplets on my walls, cabinets, stove, refrigerator and dishwasher. The kids say it looks like we murdered an alien in there. I keep scrubbing and cursing, "'Washable,' my butt!"

Other than that, things are going pretty well, how are you?

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What, no photos of the alien blood (or the alien kitties)?
I still love you!
Ha! It sounds like my crazy house, only better. OK, I don't have the car problems or the explosive blowpen problems, but hey, I'm in the process of housebreaking a puppy which is 10 the power of 4 times harder than housebreaking 10 cats, let alone 2. Help....
Yes, the kitties will still love you after the meds...even Trina still tolerates me (she didn't love me before) after the meds she had to take...and she's back to her usual grumpy self.
Sorry about the car...just know that it will be so much better once it's fixed. I hope the money works out for you.
And for the Alien blood...Mr Clean magic errasers work wonders!
Awww....sorry about the crazy insaneness, and feeling 'blue'. Just reward them with some tuna juice, that will even out the fact that you give them meds. :)
Bummer, Jen. Thanks for warning me about blow pens; I'd never heard of them before. I hope the kitties are better soon and that they settle down and learn to be nice to you. Just out of curiosity, what kind of pet would you prefer to have instead?
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