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Friday, May 18, 2007

Perceptive, or Creepy?

Yesterday, when we were dealing with the Dragon Foot Incident, Sage and I had a little time to ourselves when they took Maya for an X-ray.

We were sitting quietly, when Sage looked around and said, "Do you suppose anyone's died in this room?"

I told her that I doubted it, because it's a pretty new hospital and besides it looked like it was the room where they put folks who just need a cast or splint. But, it made me wonder if that's a normal thought process for a 9 year old girl, or have we ruined her somehow?

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I don't know about that as DD hasn't been to a hospital waiting area yet. We've only taken a tour of our hospital when they did the grand opening.
I guess one of the perks of having just one kiddlet is that you don't spend so much time in the ER. Knock wood, we haven't been at all.

But when I was a kid, my middle brother had to get stiched up so much that we needed a frequent visitor card. And then I had to go for my gymnastic's injury & should have gone for the mud clod incident.
Mud Clod Incident?
Lrt's hear about the mud clod incident, Renee.
Maybe no one has died there before, but you can be SURE no one has been in there with a dragon stuck in their foot.
You're the one who named her Sage!

Love that name, btw.
Ah, I've attracted some fans.

I'll post the mud clod incident...but I'll force you to hop over to my blog to do it. ha ha
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