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Saturday, August 04, 2007

NICU Picnic/Fishing Picnic

Today we went to TWO picnics!

The first was a reunion picnic for the graduates of the NICU at the hospital where Anya spent so much time after she was born (remember from her birth story that she was born 16 weeks early?)

I got a great picture of Anya with her friend "A," who is also 11 (I met her mom in the NICU), and the woman who was a primary nurse for both of them. She was really cool, and we just loved her. She's still working there, which is good news for the preemies of Denver!

NICU Picnic, Auntie E, Anya, and A.

Anya's in the middle. Don't they all look great?

There were lots of multiples there today, which just reminded me to be grateful again that Maya and Sage had a pretty normal birth story! Twins have a higher chance of being preemies than singletons do, but I was actually pregnant with Maya and Sage longer than I was with any of the others. (Really, I was! It didn't just FEEL that way!)

Then we had a dinner picnic with some friends. We went fishing. I don't fish, though, I avoid slimey, smelly stuff. After 11 years of diapers I just don't have the stomach for it anymore.

So, anyway, this is what I was doing when everyone else was fishing:
Fishing, Jen
Why yes, that's the multidirectional scarf from this post. No one caught any fish, so I'm the only one who actually accomplished anything while we were out. Time well spent, as far as I'm concerned.

Have a great weekend!

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WOW, Anya is getting so tall. I have not seen her next to A for such a long time. I think she is as big as my Tam

I would pass on the fishing too and DD want's to do that so bad...blech! I had enough of that as a kid and I never wanted to do it in the first place.

I noticed in Anya's birth story you mentioned that she didn't have any eye problems...but now she wears glasses...just normal eye stuff like Maya?
Great picture of yourself at the end, Jen.
Her and A are growing up so fast. I am glad you could go.

I like the scarf too :)
What a great double adventure day and yes, Anya was looking very nice!

Good to see you knitting, but why didn't you want to go fishing and get even another adventure:-)
Wow...Anya's friend is tiny! Or is Anya just tall?

I knit everywhere. We're about to go out to celebrate our anniversary and, of course, I've got knitting for the car. We'll see if I actually bring it in to Red Lobster or not.

I always wonder about my twins, if they were premature and if they were, how much. Their mom was deathly ill (literally; she died the next month), they were born in a Third World country and they were twins. I guess that's something I won't know.
Jen, you are so pretty! I showed this pic to The Man, who says I don't look anything like you after all. Hmmm...
Anya is growing like a weed. You should stop feeding her ;-)

BTW you have such a sly little smile in your photo that you look like the proverbial cat with canary feathers in your mouth. Were you up to something more than just knitting, I wonder?
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