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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Six Years

And it doesn't hurt any less, does it? I don't think it ever will.

D. Challener Roe has spearheaded another blog tribute to the victims, you can read them here at 2996.

Last year I blogged for Sharon Carver and Anna Williams Allison. Today I pray for their families, for the families of all of the lost, and for all of us who have not been the same since 9/11/01.


Yes. It's rather a solemn day around here. We talked about the Soviet invasions of Czechoslovakia and Afghanistan. Next we're supposed to talk about the 1972 Munich Olympics. I'm not sure I can talk about them without bawling. Weird reaction, I guess, but there it is.

I didn't know they were turning the McCandless story into a movie! That is a surprise. I would love to talk about it on e-mail. I always love to talk about books, especially right after I've read one that really made me think, but there's rarely anyone around with whom to discuss them. Doug will listen to me talk about them but since he hasn't read them, he can't quite "discuss".

My e-mail is krull clan @ fuse. net, all smooshed together.
You know I'm married to an American and we always remember this day and are thinking of our family over there.
It's sad to think so many Americans don't want to remember 9/11 anymore. Makes me spitting mad.
Remember and never forget!
I try to remember our terrible loss on a regular basis so I don't let myself fall into apathy.
9-11-01 is the date of a tragedy that we must never forget.
It is a date we should all be forced to remember. There are over 3000 reasons to remember.
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