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Friday, December 07, 2007

It's like this....

I'm still here, but I've hit the "Crap I don't have any money and I have to craft Christmas presents out of my stash" part of my year. So, I've been knitting, crocheting, crying, soaking my hands ice water, etc. But, I think I'll be done on time! Well, probably not on time to mail stuff, but done enough to enjoy Christmas, hopefully.

I'll try to check in more, though, I don't want to neglect you all as much as I have been.

Today we're having a "Collection Museum" at Girl Scouts. The kids will all bring some stuff they collect and we'll display it on tables and they can each talk about it. This really seemed like a great idea to me until I realized that I will need to get 4 kids' worth of precious breakables (plus some of my Nativities) across town and back.

I have also been reading the book that Cube sent me, The Bachman Books. I'd forgotten that not only was one of the stories about a school shooting, but another ended with the protagonist flying a plane into a skyscraper. Creepy! If his stories are going to keep coming true in some fashion, I think that Stephen King should stick to writing happy stories, maybe he could write one about finding Osama bin Laden, or me winning the lottery.

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Yikes... this is true! I hadnt thought about transporting the breakables... Luckily we collect NOTHING... The kids collect DVD's and Legos... that is it ;) LOL
Ice water? Yow, that's harsh!

That sounds like an interesting book.
I think the only thing I noticed that got broke wasn't by transporting was by a little brother playing with it. YIKES!

That is very creapy about the Stephen King books. I've only read "The Green Mile" by him...the rest of his stuff is just too much for me.
Sounds like you need to calm down and get some less stressful Xmas spirit:
Funny you should mention that about Stephen King. I recently read "Cell" and I wouldn't like that one to come true. Now I'm nervous about reading "1408" ;-)
good luck with transporting the breakable items! I just collected stamps as a kid, so there was no worry about moving them around :)
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