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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Gasping for air!

It's been a busy few days, and it's only going to get busier, but I wanted to pop in and say hi!

First of all, you should know that I trimmed Maya's bangs today. So, you can all sleep a little easier...

We're gearing up for a trip to Iowa. My grandma is turning 85, and mom's throwing her a big party. The party's not a surprise, but our attending is, so if you see Grandma, don't say anything! I'm really excited, she's a cool lady :-)

We leave Thursday morning, and we'll be gone until the 9th, but hopefully I will be able to check in from the road a few times. As always, feel free to break in and clean my house while we're gone! We won't be camping this time (brrrr!) but we are driving. So, if you think about us, we'd appreciate any prayers you're up for!

Anyway, it's late and I'm trying to get the laundry caught up so we can pack tomorrow, so I'd better run.

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What a cool surprise for your Grandma! :)

Have a good safe trip!!

Hope you have a good & safe trip. And I Hope that grandma is not too shocked to see you there.
Hi there.

I'm a girl from south of Sweden. And I saw that your son's name is Sage. And did you know that his name is another word sperm in Swedish? But you don't pronounce the way we do..

I just thought you liked to know =)
Have a great trip to Grandma and give her my greetings all the way from Norway (I promise not to tell her in advance :lol)!
Have fun on your trip. Make sure you surprise Grandma gradually and not all at once ;-)

BTW don't let Sage go to Sweden until he's much, much older. Yikes!
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