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Monday, February 11, 2008

Jaws, lost tooth, extra teeth

Did you guys see that Roy Scheider died? My kids, Anya especially, are big Jaws fans, so it kind of feels like a member of the family has passed.

Something else passed this weekend, too. Tiernan, my baby (I know he's 6 1/2, he's still my baby) lost his first tooth.

I wanted to take a nice picture of Tiernan with his missing tooth for you, but he's learned to exploit the time between when I determine he's making a decent face, and when the digital camera actually takes the picture. So, they all look something like this:

Tiernan's lost tooth, silly

Speaking of Jaws and my children's teeth, in yet another reminder that Maya and Sage are like SUPER twinny or something, they've both got the same tooth coming in on top of itself. They're a little bedheaddy in this shot, but I think you can see the tooth I'm talking about. The third tooth to the right on top is double, like I'm raising shark children.

Sage and Maya, shark teeth

Of course, we know from their dental x-rays that their teeth are freakishly similar, but it's not always so easy to tell as it is these days.

Hope you all are having a great Monday!

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I saw that news item! Roy was awesome in those movies. He was also on a show called SeaQuest with Jonathan Brandis. I loved that show.

I think twins are so intersesting. It's one of those mysteries of life that they are so alike, yet have so many differences too!
Aww losing teeth! Is the tooth fairy coming tonight?
yay to tiernan! And that is so odd how the twins have the same teeth too. I though you had said earlier that dental records would be the only way to tell them apart. Hum
Nah, the dentist said that she COULDN'T tell them apart by their x-rays. We're just hosed that way.
saw your comment at An Island Life. Your true friends know your worst secrets and love you anyway. ;o)

and so how would you tell the twins apart?
Hopefully there's never a need to tell them apart. But we wouldn't be able to from dental x-rays or DNA. I guess their fingerprints are different. I should go fingerprint them just in case...
I was sorry to hear of Scheider's passing. He made some great movies, including "2010" & "All That Jazz", as well as the classic "Jaws".

Re: the dental part of your post,
I hope you don't tell Tiernan that the tooth fairy uses all the teeth she collects to build a large city. That popped into my head once & it scared my children.

The overlapping teeth happened to my youngest because she didn't pull out her teeth in a timely manner. Braces and thousands of dollars later, she now has perfect smile.
That was a tooth close-up!
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