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Monday, March 03, 2008

Pee, poop and the flu

We're here in Iowa, and we had a great time at my Grandma's party. She's pretty neat, and a bunch of people showed up to wish her well. I think she was surprised so many people came, but I wasn't. She's always been surrounded by tons of folks!

The night we got into town, we went over to my sister Julie's house to help her decorate the cakes for the party. (They were beautiful, I'll post pictures when I get my camera hooked up.) While the grownups were busy, the 2 six year old boys, ie Tiernan and my nephew Liam, apparently had way too much time on their hands.

I can't believe this actually happened.

Apparently, they were off in Julie's craft room, and decided to pee on the floor. Both of them. All OVER the floor. I would not have thought two boys could produce so much urine! Then, Liam pooped in a drawer. Yes, right in a drawer. The story went through a few stages before we got the final version, and I guess the only reason Tiernan didn't poop too was not that he had a moral objection, but that he couldn't. He tried, but he was empty. Such a proud moment.

A couple of people have told me this is a boy thing, but I can't imagine that's so. It seems like we wouldn't have gotten to this point in our history, because the moms would have killed all the young Neanderthals for peeing on the floors of the caves...ESPECIALLY their sister's caves.

Then, we found out that my niece, Amelia, had to go to the ER this afternoon with a fever of 105. The official diagnosis is Influenza Type A, and she's been contagious while we've been hanging out with her. Hopefully we don't get it, or if we do it waits until we're home.

It just occurred to me. Maybe Julie made up the story about the flu, just to keep us from coming over and peeing on her floors anymore? Gosh, I hope not.

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Oh my gosh!! LOL! (Gag)

Mike always runs into something like that, back in the day (when our 13 year old was 5) he had a friend over who used the restroom and left "dried up dirt" all over the bathroom floor. Mike went in and swept it up and realized it wasn't mud. He came out sick to his stomach and scrubbed his hands with pinesol...which of course made his nose run, so he ran into the same bathroom, grabbed some toilet paper to blow his nose and when he held it up to his nose smelled something...he pulled it away and it was covered in poo! As was his nose by that point.

Oh my gosh, I have never laughed so hard in my life!!! (And Poor Mike, I am pretty sure he threw up)
Oh poor Jen! LOL, I can't believe those boys did that!!

I'll be sending good "healthy" thoughts your way that you avoid the flu... Maybe you should pick up some Airborne?
I agree that you should try something to avoid getting the flu...airborne or emergenC flu.

And I cannot believe that the boys did that. that's just crazy.
Did you make them clean it up?
I'm not surprised. Davin and I used to pee and poop on Brian's floor all the time in High School. Oh how we'd laugh and laugh and laugh until Brian would come back. Then he'd pretend to be angry and yell and holler and chase us with these big old rusty steak knives in both hands. But we knew the tears and the anger and the profanity were really just an act. We knew he was laughing on the inside; ha ha, what a card he was.

Some random Spery guy.
ACK! As a mom of four boys, I can tell you that, unless they are under 3 years old, this is not typical behavior!! My five year old will still occasionally whip it out when we're outside, but never in the house. Wow. Just wow.

I hope nobody gets sick!
Those incidents must have put you on 'major mom alert'!
Omgosh I wouldn't know how to react. Thankfully none of mine ever toileted anywhere inappropriate that I know of at least lol.
When I was in 1st grade, a boy pooped in the middle of the bathroom floor, for no apparent reason. It only happened that once (that I know of), so classmate ridicule may have solved that. But still, what is wrong with Liam's friend's parents, that they don't notice/care that their kid is peeing in inappropriate places?
Oh, Jen! I'm so sorry but I'm so laughing here about the boys. I know that my day will come so I'm yukking it up while I can. Remember this story so that you can embarrass him with it in the future. Heh.

No flu...
I've been busy with taxes and missed this post.

Yikes! That is totally unacceptable behavior even for boys. I think Liam has some unresolved issues.
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