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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

So far, so good.

No one here at my mom's has the flu. I took my sister on errands today, though, and she has a fever of 103 right now. Oh, and I may be leaving in a bit here to take her to the ER. It depends on if she can get her fever down or not.

I got a little more information on the pee/poop situation. Apparently, Liam has a little friend from school who consistently pees, etc, in inappropriate places. Julie had some reservations about this kid, but has found out more while researching this latest. So, it's good to know that, even though Liam came up with the idea to do this the other day, he didn't think it up himself. And the boys are both pretty mortified and have been really good since then. And, Liam can't be with this other boy any more.

We had a big talk with Tiernan about not doing what other kids are doing when you know it's wrong. Weird. I didn't think I'd have to give my homeschooled kids the "if so and so jumped of a bridge, would you?" talk.

Unless we have the plague here, we're planning to go into Cedar Rapids tomorrow.

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I hope that you are all've been sick enough already. Perhaps this is the same bug you already got and you're all immune to it? *wishing really hard that Jen & horde stay well!*
re: what DH is teaching in Vegas... it's a class on how to do his job. He took it a few years back from the gal that runs it and pretty much knew everything so well that she asked him if he would come and help her teach it. So he goes about twice a year to teach the class...gets a free trip to vegas and so far hasn't brought home any cash (bummer!) but he enjoys it.
I have teased him that this gal is his other girl friend and he about pukes cuz she old and smokes. LOL!
Stay well !!!
You have a son named Tiernan???

My oldest, who is 8, is Tiernan! It's a traditional Irish name, and not common in the US, so I am surprised to see it! WOW! I will have to tell him, he will enjoy knowing there is someone else with the name Tiernan in the US.

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