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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Just call me Bubba.


Do remember this exchange from the movie Forrest Gump?
Lt. Dan: What's wrong with your lips?

Bubba: I was born with big gums, sir.

Lt. Dan: Yeah, well, you better tuck that in. Gonna get that caught on a trip wire.
After last month's gum graft, I'm feeling a lot like Private Bubba Blue. No one warned me that I would end up with a freaky-big chunk of gum tissue in front of my lower front teeth. I'd hoped this would be a temporary situation, and maybe the extra slab they sewed on would fall off having done its job. Unfortunately, the periodontist assures me that this is not just normal but is actually one of the better outcomes.

I asked if we could fix it, and he cringed (probably remembering what a baby I was about the original surgery) and told me that my only option is another procedure. Yeah, no thanks. He did promise to call me if someone develops a painless shrink ray, until then I'll just stick to tucking my lip in...

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ut oh! I hope your lip isn't that big. He didn't recommend a plastic surgeon? hummm
It feels that big, but it doesn't really look all that different. Or so everyone keeps reassuring me. They may just be being polite, though.
Well, Jen, let us know if you get it caught on a tripwire... then we'll know if folks were just being polite.

Hopefully you will get used to the "different" feeling in no time and it will stop bugging.
Take care..
Maybe it will shrink a bit more on its own?
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