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Wednesday, March 18, 2009



When Anya was little, among other things, we used to call her "Wednesday," after the creepy little girl on the Addams Family. Anya never had a regular lovie like her sisters (you can see Sage's Meowie here.) Instead, she carried around a rubber human skeleton as if it were her baby. For her 3rd birthday, she insisted on a skeleton costume, which I had to make because I couldn't find one in her size. She helped me to make it anatomically correct, because one of her pastimes was to drag out our ancient copy of Gray's Anatomy and make us read it to her. She really was an odd little kid.

She's still fairly Wendesday-ish, although as she gets older she can "pass" for normal more easily. But, if you ever want to be assured that she's still creepy on the inside, just ask her about anything dealing with death, including the processes of decomposition and how to identify human remains. That's been her latest passion.

I'm going to go hang with my Wednesday girl and the rest of the horde. Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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I don't know that she can pass for normal all that much...or perhaps she's just too comfortable with me that she feels free to express herself. LOL!
So is she looking into a career of being a medical examiner or something with dead bodies? ;)
That's how Quincy got started ;-)

No seriously, I was interested in forensics when it was still considered morbid. It's so much more popular now that it's moved into cool territory. I think Anya can have a rewarding career in the field if she's interested.
That's fantastic! I think Olivia's daddy would be proud if she was wednesday-ish and carrying around a skeleton instead of a bear or lovie lolol Your little girl could have quite a career ahead of her... mortician? forensics? that would be pretty cool I've always wanted to do something with forensics myself.
Hmmm...I wonder where she gets that?
I wonder if therev are girls around now named Wednesday?
Renee-I meant with new people. She's leaking weird pretty hard with people she knows...

Cube-I think she'd do great!

Elizabeth-That would be cool! They could hang out :-)

Lori-You know, I'm sure some of it comes from us. But, I lot of the stuff we get into now is because the kids are interested (the others have followed in Anya's footsteps for the most part.)

J-L P-I don't know of any kids named Wednesday. I've seen a Tuesday recently, and Nicole Kidman just named her kid Sunday.
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