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Friday, April 03, 2009

So, I was thinking...

You know how I had that horrible gum graft here recently?

That was a vile and unpleasant experience. And, to make it worse, for only a little more money I probably could have just had my whole body rebuilt to make me better, stronger, faster. It seems redundant that I should be in such pain *AND* have to pay a whole bunch of money, too.

So, I was thinking. I should search the fetish sites online and find a dentist who is also a sadist, and maybe we can work out a deal. We can exchange services! He can fix my gums, and I will let him hurt me for free. It's a win/win situation, right?

I know, you're thinking that any dentist could be a sadist and used to hurting people plus getting paid handsomely to do it. I mean, how can you know how much your dentist is enjoying the procedure? Maybe that's why he became a dentist?

So, to make it worth his while, too, I'd be willing to go the extra mile. Instead of keeping myself under control the whole time, I'll just scream and yell and cry, which is what I want to do at the dentist's anyway. I'm such a wienie! I'd even be willing to let him use some creepy old dental tools on me, if they're clean.

But if he gets something like this out, I'm outta there. I do have some standards...
jawtrap from saw

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LOL Jen. I think the dentist would prefer the money...they consider the screaming just a bonus!

and nope you can't have my sterio cuz that's in my will. ;)
That looks like Shawnee Smith but I'm not sure because I'm not a big fan of the SAW movies. They're more about gore than suspense for
for my tastes.

I would much rather watch a movie that makes me jump out of my skin.

That said, I've never seen a horror movie that was scarier than the average trip to the dentist and I've never had a gum graft. You poor thing.
Sometimes I kinda worry about you,,...tee hee

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